The Ruins of Gorlan


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    Rangers for the people of the kingdom are mysterious creatures that are skilled in the art of magic and with their scary appearance they are considered monsters. However this belief of the people doesn’t make them monsters at all, rather they are the people who have been protecting the kingdom for a very long time.

    Even if a battle starts on the border the people of the kingdom never gets its news even because things are resolved without any damage to the life and property of the locals. Will has been one of those who are afraid of the Rangers all the time and presume negative things about them. But his idea about these extraordinary men changes when he himself is selected for the same job.

    As a Ranger’s apprentice he gets the chance to not only look at them more closely but also learn their art of fighting that is not pure magic rather it is skill that they have developed. Danger spreads all over the kingdom soon because the Lord of Mountains of Rain and Night is coming with heavy artillery. The enemy has tried before but failed and this time the planning and preparation is extraordinary.

    The Ruins of Gorlan

    John Flanagan has done it again by producing a hit like The Icebound Land and The Siege of Macindaw for the fans who are always desperate for the author’s latest. Voice of John Keating for Will is extraordinary; the narrator has remained successful in providing Will the pitch and tone of a fifteen year old boy who is also a little afraid of the situation that is developing around him with the passage of time.

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