How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps



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Ben Shapiro raises very important points here for the American nation to realize or the nation will be wiped off from the face of the world. Unity in the nation made America strong and made it a superpower in the world. Now disunity among the races and states is slowly weakening the roots of the land. A culture that once holds supreme is deteriorating and the day is not far when everything will fall apart. The need of the time is to realize the strengths as well as the weaknesses so that proper steps could be taken in this regard.

How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps

Traditions and the way of thinking once made the nation touch the sky of success. The disintergrationists according to the author have been working against the unity of the land for the last two decades. They have been trying to change the approach of the people about racism. Ben Shapiro narrates in a heart-touching tone because according to him the struggle of more than two hundred fifty years is going to the ashes.

The progress and prosperity will no longer be there in the next decade and it is not far when the United States will start crumbling into pieces if things go on like this. The Right Side of History and Bullies stressed positivity.

This book along with positivity tells us the need for unity in the nation. Without unity and proper direction, a nation is nothing even if it is one of the strongest in the world. The book gives very important messages to the American nation and in a nutshell to any nation which wants to emerge on the face of the world.


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