Silence Unbound, Book 2



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Felix’s sacrifice vanquished a Primordial – but his trials have only begun.

Risking all to halt the Unending Maw’s threat, Felix expected death. Instead, he and his Companion Pit now find themselves in a worse fate: trapped in the lethal Void. The Maw persists alongside them, bound to Felix in ways none comprehend yet all despise.

This desolate expanse of darkness teems with voidbeasts, marauders, and the Maw’s insidious influence. Mere survival will drain every ounce of Felix’s strength, to say nothing of escape.

Their perilous journey through this bleak realm forces Felix and Pit to rely on a loathed ally. The Maw’s powers may be key to enduring the Void’s horrors – if they can resist its corrupting touch on their hearts and minds.

Each step brings mortal threats and wrenching dilemmas. Who will they become to see this grim trek through? In a domain devoid of hope, what lines are they willing to cross?

One truth is certain: no choice comes without consequence. Felix’s past sacrifices pale compared to those now demanded by the pitiless Void. The price of survival – and salvation – may be more than he can bear to pay.


Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Stories Produced by the TOKYPOD Team

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