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    Preceptor Spellmonger, Book 16 Terry Mancour – TokyBook

    A decade since awakening to a goblin invasion, Spellmonger Minalan has built mighty armies and pioneered new magical fields. But his greatest battle looms as the Witch Queen of Darkfaller seizes a strategic castle at the kingdom’s heart. Minalan must marshal all political, military and arcane resources to drive her out, or risk humanity’s future.

    Meanwhile Minalan faces an impossible royal request – tutoring the heir apparent Prince Tavard in statecraft and wisdom. Minalan counter-proposes instructing Tavard and his three main rivals simultaneously.

    If educating future kings wasn’t enough, the Sea Folk crisis crests, wintry spells demand recreation, northern refugees flood in, and Minalan’s border war stagnates. And his wife goes into premature labor!

    Years of intrigue and preparation converge as Minalan embraces his role as Preceptor – the maker of rules for complex political and martial games. The first Archmage-level wizard to wield such authority in ages, he has taken responsibility for ordering kingdoms, wizards and gods themselves by both mundane and magical might. For those empowered to make rules must also bear duty when rules are broken. No higher calling exists for a daring mage determined to be…a Preceptor!

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