The Land: Monsters


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    Chaos seed saga brings gloomier situation for its characters, each of the character has his own personal issues to deal with and then there are devilish forces present around. Each battle that is fought against the enemy has brought more troublesome results. The evil that lingers around has not been able to get hold of the people and the land but still it has done much damage to the world.

    The battle that started in the seventh part was won by Sion and his men but then the fearless leader lost Richter. Richter is not dead which happens to be good news for his friends but for him it is a nightmare that he has to look into the eyes now.

    The Land: Monsters

    He is now trapped not cursed but perhaps worse because the sign of light has disappeared; the world that he finds himself in is so dark that it can take away the goodness inside you. Though Richter is not an ordinary being himself but there are terrible demons that now surround him and want him to become the devil he was born to be.

    Aleron Kong the author of this monumental series has shown his talent in portraying monsters that are not fighting but there is a sinister touch in their personality that can be felt when they approach Richter. The Land: Forging and The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga told us what the land was all about but this is a totally new dimension in which the story now enters. Nick Podehl is keeping up well with the series in narration and the narrator utters breathtaking scenes with the minimal of ease.


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    5 thoughts on “The Land: Monsters”

    1. The audio on this book is the worse one of the series. A weird open mic sound in the background when ever the narrator is reading. The spacing on the chapters is horrible too, the chapter for the audio file you have will start in the middle of a chapter.

      Thanks for the upload but anyway you can fix this?

    2. The weakest book in the series so far. Storyline got monotonous. We start off with him in the cave and we end with he still in a cave. 3 days of time passing. Just reading menus and confirming the menus. Should have called The Book MENUS NOT MONSTERS.


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