The Chestnut Man


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    Soren Sveistrup is a Danish writer and author. He is an internationally acclaimed scriptwriter for multiple TV shows and won various awards. He also wrote screenplay for movies and was highly appreciated. Moreover, his novel writing career also helped him to become one of the very good novelists among his contemporaries. He is more inclined towards writing mystery thrillers. El caso Hartung and Luomo delle castagne.

    The story in The Chestnut Man novel is of a psychopath who is terrorizing the entire capital city of Denmark. The calling card of him is “chestnut man”, which is actually a handmade doll. It is made from a pair of chestnuts and matchsticks. This was something that he leaves behind at all of his bloody crime scenes.

    The Chestnut Man

    When the investigators start examining the crime scene and specifically the doll, they made some really shocking discovery. They found a fingerprint that belonged to a young girl. That young girl was daughter of a minister, who was kidnapped and killed 1 year ago. Is this some tragic coincidence or there is something a lot more twisted here?

    In order to save innocent lives, a couple of detectives should keep aside all their differences. They need this to be done in order to collect the gruesome clues of the Chestnut Man. It is because the things were clear that the madman is on a long mission, which is far from being over.

    The narration of this audiobook has been done by Peter Noble. He had managed to bring out his best in terms of his expression and the stern voice. You would definitely love this book in its audio format. Give it a go.

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