Flex in the City

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    This is one of those unending books in which the story and the fun appear to be going on forever. Eric Ugland is a master of creating stories that keep listeners excited and energetic all the time. Don’t expect that Neil Hellegers has not played an important role in the series as a narrator. The spectacular voice of the narrator has played its part very well and there is no pause anywhere.

    Montana has spent his life in the shadows for a very long time and he wants to prove to the world that he is an average sort of guy. The reality is that he is not average at all rather he is the one who can defeat god like figures on a given day. His powers have increased a lot and he is still planning to hide his powers at all costs. The big city is in need of such a hero and he is surely a duke in the making the only hurdle is his own plans for life.

    Flex in the City

    Glaton can easily fall in love with Montana and this will take him much closer to bigger power and responsibility. If this happens then the entire city will be in his control and he would be able to enjoy powers that he has never imagined. Trick of the Night and Roseland: Volume 3 possess the same kind of unending trance in them.

    These books are surely easy to understand and not hard to get. Thus whoever gets the luxury to have any of these books in his hands, should not miss the opportunity to listen to the story completely.

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