Radical Dreamer

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    Radical Dreamer is chapter nine of The Messenger novel series. It is a science fiction and fantasy chapter that is authored by JN Chaney and Terry Maggert. Rage of Night is a very good example of their work and so is the Worlds Apart novel.

    Jeffrey Kafer once again was outstanding with his audio performance in this novel and add so much to its appeal.

    The entire galaxy was under siege and only Messenger had the power and the capacity to save it.

    The Verity was in collapse and Clan Shirna was entirely gone. On top of that, the ships that belonged to the Cygnus Realm have all been pushing way back until the Golden was left behind only.

    This is what Dash thought as well.

    When the finding of a couple of new races and a galaxy of stars came close in a war then Dash flung the Forge much deeper. He sent them into a place where no human being could ever live free. The Golden on the other side was not just the advisors anymore. They were part of the fights. Their silver ships were all shining with the menace in a war that threatened to incinerate one full arm of the galaxy.

    Radical Dreamer

    Dash along with the carriers, mechs, and an extremely strong survivor named Jexin will attack over the first defensive line. It was an empire that was believed to be much older than entire human history. Several events were all set in motion which could only lead to a possible victory for one side and destruction to the other.

    Radical Dreamer is a reasonably good novel in the series and will not disappoint you.

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