The Black Gate


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    The Black Gate is the 11th chapter in The Messenger novel series which is a work of science fiction and fantasy. The book is written by Terry Maggert and J. N. Chaney. They both are extremely talented authors and have given plenty of exciting novels together, especially in this The Messenger series. If you want to have a go at their best work then Rage of Night will be an excellent novel to try. Moreover, you will also be impressed by their Worlds Apart novel.

    The narration of this chapter is brilliantly done by Jeffrey Kafer and you will not have any complaints about his performance.

    The Cygnus Realm finally discovered peace.

    Dash and all of his people started building their new lives while spreading all across the new worlds that part of the Unseen gates. The place was free of any destruction or war. Then there was a shift in the orbit of one of the Unseen planets. It was a small thing at a glance but something big enough to look into. There was something incredible that opened much closer to that erratic world. It uncovered a link to the stars so far that they had no name at all on the Cygnus charts.

    The Black Gate

    The Black Gate pulses at the other end appeared to be totally in and out of actuality. The time when a huge couple of outlandish warheads came through and destructed the complete orbital capability then Dash was left with only one choice. He had to come under the cover of Messenger and jump into the fight for one more time.

    You will enjoy great characters in the novel along with snarky AI, gigantic mechs, and of course Jeffrey Kafer.

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