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    War between America and the Middle East just seem the get worse when the news of a new weapon comes to the big screen. Though from the start of the series America was in war with the Middle East terrorist group but not in the open battlefield, there were conspiracies and target attacks with the help of spies.

    Now everything is open and clear everyone knows who the enemies are, the only problem still remains i.e how to tackle them without starting a war in the whole wide world. Scot the main weapon that the US had in disposal in The Lions of Lucerne  and Path of the Assassin is not working for the CIA anymore because he was fired a few days back. Al Jazeera caught Scot’s videos in which he was participating in a mission that was never assigned to him.


    But firing him was just part of a bigger plan as he is now taken as a senator and still bigger forces within the government are acting against him and he wants to know why. There is a conspiracy between the CIA and the government that is far more sinister that he ever expected.

    But everything is put aside the day the secret weapon is brought to the media, Scot is rehired by the president himself and is sent to Cyprus for the disposal of the weapon. Stakes are higher than ever before and George Guidall enhances the pace of his narration to depict the urgency that is there in this part and now we can tell that the battle is approaching.

    The enemy is prepared and it is time for the US too to confront the enemies in an open battle.

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