State of the Union


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    Brad Thor’s epic saga moves on and the story reaches the second zone because Scot is on the tail of the global terrorists and he is approaching nearer and nearer after every clue. The story that started with the abduction of the president just gets messy because of the people that are now involved in it. Like The Lions of Lucerne  and Path of the Assassin this part too has action and suspense but no hint of an epic conclusion. And from the looks of it one thing is clear that the end is not near at all because the enemies have not come out of the hidings yet.

    Still the enemy is so strong that it can bring the United States to its knees within no time. Military and diplomacy is not even an answer this time because the terrorist organization has tighten it’s strangle hold against the world’s super power.

    State of the Union

    The president is left with only one solution i.e bring Scot back on the job, it is he who knows about the terrorist band more than anyone and now is the time to kick them of the land. Russian agent is with him this time and Alexandra Ivanova is not an ordinary girl herself, trained by the best in the world Alexandra can get any job done within no time.

    The time the mission is launched, faces from the past start appearing on the scene as if they were always there watching every move of the super soldier of the United States. Change in narration this time but George Guidall is also not a bad pick at all, he does not allow the audience to feel any loss in the intensity of the thriller.

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