War Hawk


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    Another solo performance by James Rollins and the writer is best when he acts solo because he lets the story flow out of his pen without any hindrance. The stories by James Rollins give you a hint that they are written in a single sitting because there is no sign of any break and that is what makes his thrillers stand tall among the rest.

    Tucker Wayne and his dog Kane really performed some extraordinary things in The Kill Switch and Tracker their missions also brought them closer as friends and companions in the time of need. In this part they like always are trying to better the future of America at the same time a former colleague asks for help to whom Tucker cannot say no. Brutal assassins are in search of her and her son and Tucker does not even say who or why to the lady.

    War Hawk

    Tucker is using all his skills and strength this time as his search has made even the government and those on the higher post his enemy. There is politics and dirty one that Tucker and his poor dog does not understand. The more they try to better the situation the worst of it appears. It’s on this man and his dog to fight against the upcoming future that they want to change even if they have to keep their lives on stake.

    The event development is just out of this world; the female character and her child also bring some humanity back to the story but also make things miserable for the Tucker team. An expert narrator was needed for the job because there are lots of emotional scenes and Scott Aiello was the perfect choice as he is famous for such type of novel narration.

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