Path of the Assassin


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Threat of war still loams in the second episode of this stupendous series in which Scot Harvath is still trying to stop the terrorists and their evil plans. The terrorist squad kidnapped the president of the United States in The Lions of Lucerne and their goal was simple to start another world war that will extinguish the human race for ever. The goals are hidden but the focus of the terrorist organization is simple and clear.

Scot saved the president and now he is full determined to get rid of the organization forever. For this he had to go deep into the hideouts of these maniacs that have been plundering the world for too long now. Even if the agencies remain successful in securing the United States they cannot protect the whole world from the deadly fangs thus it’s time for action.

Brad Thor increases the horizon of his series this time as we see the hero visiting different places. The hints and the clues lead to one man that is considered unapproachable i.e Hashim Nidal. Nidal has been one of the worst enemies of world’s super powers for decades now, leading the Muslim terrorists to bring havoc on the earth.

Path of the Assassin

Several missions have been launched before but they don’t know the true identity of the man because of which he cannot be arrested at any rate. None have ever leaked his true face and thus the man is more of a ghost for the CIA even. Luckily Scot has Meg who knows a bit too much about the man and the mission goes global as both of them fly to Middle East.  Armand Schultz’s narration paves the way for the next part as everything about it is superb.


The Lions of Lucerne

State of the Union


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