Navigating the Stars


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    Navigating the Stars is the first installment in the Sentinels of the Galaxy novel series. This one is a science fiction fantasy and intended for children and teens. This is written by Maria V. Snyder in her beautiful writing style while creating some inspiring and powerful characters for the young audience. A few other quality novels written by Maria V. Snyder are: Poison Study and Dawn Study w

    Gabra Zackman had paired quite well with Maria for her science fiction novels. Her narration always is quite understanding where she maximized all her acting skills to portray characters of the novel in the best possible manner.

    Navigating the Stars

    Lyra is a 17-year old girl who couldn’t blame Einstein or even her parents for their imminent moves taken all across the Milky Way Galaxy. It was all because of the Q-net invention, which helped in making vast distance traveling in space a possibility. All this comes with one significant caveat and that was the time dilation. But, this couldn’t stop the ancestors of Lyra from traveling and exploring the Milky Way while searching for the exoplanets and resources to colonize. However, one thing came by surprise and that was the terracotta warriors of life-size getting buried in 21 distinct exoplanets, which could be 22 even. Things start to get very interesting from here for the audience.

    Navigating the Stars

    The book will grab your attention right from the beginning when you will fitness a perfect funeral. The storyline grows deeper and exciting with time and then it comes to a perfect ending. You will thoroughly love the audio performance of this novel given by Gabra Zackman.

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