The Lost Patrol


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    Vaughn Heppner is one of the finest writers of his time. He has seen great success in literary writing having his area of expertise around the science fiction fantasy novels. One of the key factor behind his success is his perseverance in writing that he maintained throughout his career. He also encourages other contemporary writers to have the much needed discipline in writing and ignore distractions, if there are any. The contemporary science fiction fantasy novel is his area of expertise. He has written countless novels in this domain.

    If you want to give yourself a great chance with literary writing entertainment in fiction then Vaugh Heppner could be a great choice. You can go on to listen to the audio narration of his popular novels such as The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova.

    The Starship Victory in this chapter is at its worst or you can say that it is on a very lonely mission. The Captain Moddox and his men are far away from the Earth. The distance is of thousands of light years. They are looking for the Swarm Imperium there. However, there are some androids among them as well who are looking to employ the starship for the sake of some hidden purposes.

    The Lost Patrol

    The Maddox and his men are all on their own this time. They are up against the perils in the ship and the alien danger is threatening from the outside

    The Lost Patrol is a contemporary science fiction fantasy novel. The book is volume 5 of The Lost Starship novel series. The audiobook became an instant hit, where good part of its success goes to Mark Boyett, the narrator of this novel. His performance was superb.

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    The Lost Planet


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