Wings of the Reaper


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    Wings of the Reaper is the fourth chapter in The Last Reaper novel series. This science fiction and fantasy novel is written by the duo of JN Chaney and Scott Moon. They have done a tremendous job with the writing of this series while accumulating all their expertise in science fiction. Descent of the Reaper and Fear the Reaper are two of their other novels from the same The Last Reaper series.

    The audio narration of Wings of the Reaper is done by Tom Taylorson. This 4th chapter saw a change in the narrator and it didn’t work as such. Ray Porter in the first three chapters set high standards which Tom was unable to meet or even come closer to that.

    Halek Cain jumped from one slip tunnel to another along with his crew. The need was to escape a psychopath who had a fleet of some lethal warships. Almost all the systems there were a trap and every encounter they came across as more of a potential battle.

    Wings of the Reaper

    When Halek and his crew received an anguished call coming from the Bold Freedom the fate of many innocent lives hanged in balance. It was dependent on every decision that they take from there onwards. On top of that, Halek still had a few debts that he needed to clear. The ones who helped him to come out of the prison station were destined to die if he is unable to do the impossible.

    This book is an excellent continuation of the series. You will be booked for a very good audio literary time, except the narration is not as good as the previous novels in the series.

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