Kill Someone


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    Kill Someone is a fine new novel by Luke Smiktherd, who has great command in fictional literary writing. This one specifically is a mystery thriller with a good level of suspense to keep audience hooked with the plot right till the conclusion of the story. Matt Addis this time has teamed-up with the author in order to give some really strong narration of this novel. A couple of his novels in audio format, which you could consider listening to are: Tales of the Unusual and The Stone Man.

    The story in this mystery thriller have some really strong rules.

    Method: You are not supposed to use any gun. You just cannot use any form of explosives. You are not allowed to use poison. Everything just needs to be very up close and personal. You need not to worry about leaving behind any evidence. This is something to be taken care of.

    Kill Someone

    For the victim side, rules elaborate to have nothing suicidal. No one over the age of 65 or with a terminal illness should be considered.

    It is now up to the person to choose a particular method and the victim.The story revolves around a 21 years old Chris Summer, who is a call center employee. He is still living with his parents. Then, a Man in White came to their home and made a highly impossible choice: Kill a strange of your choice.

    Luke Smitherd is a brilliant novelist, who has written a good number of quality fictional stories. He is known for experimenting within the fictional genre, where he has attempted horror fantasies and sometimes, crime mystery thrillers as well, where suspense has a major role to play. Sometimes, his short stories/ anthologies are big enough to mesmerize a good range of fans.

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