Earth Fleet


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The author B. V. Larson has got a rich archive of some amazing novels that he has written. He is a prolific novelists and excel particularly in the contemporary science fiction genre. If you are looking for more novels from the author then the Rebel Fleet saga could be a good point to start with. Rebel Fleet is the first chapter from the subject series. Another quality novel from the series is Orion Fleet. Both these novels in their audiobook format are highly recommended for nonstop entertainment for hours.

Earth Fleet is a contemporary science fiction fantasy novel. The book is chapter 4 of the rebel Fleet novel series. The narration for this chapter is done by Mark Beyott, who is a renowned narrator and has given his strong voice to many of the novels written by B. V. Larson.

The humanity dares once again for the rights to independence along with Imperials, Rebel Kher and the mysterious Nomads.

Earth Fleet

The interstellar community is not at all happy with the proceedings so far. As expected, they came up with a very harsh reaction. Right in the eyes of our neighbors, we are the upstarts and those of the dangerous beings who have no idea about our place.

For the Rebel Kher, the only way to get freedom is through war. The war fleets have finally arrived to give their instructions. On the other hand, Captain Leo Blake is once again deployed in order voyage along with the hostile stars.

We all are far from being ready. However, the time has come and the game is on. The challenge in front is quite stiff and that makes the things really interesting for the followers.



Orion Fleet

Battleship Indomitable


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