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Love and passion to have a mate make the two different species cross their limitation intentionally. It is not a common thing that you find a suitable mate for yourself and then he turns out to be a member of different species. In Laurann Dohner’s world, such things happen all the time, making things hot and interesting for the fans all around the globe. Initially, there were savages like Fury and Brawn, now there is Tiger whose personality fits with his name very well.


Tiger belongs to the New Species and is working for the task force which means one clear thing i.e no place for ladies. He just cannot shift his mind from the main target which is of course the fulfillment of his mission. But what can a male do when the female is trying to get into his clothes in the middle of the mission. It’s Zandy who falls for Tiger not because she was looking for a lover but because she was too drunk. When Tiger saves her in the middle of a troubled zone she just finds it fascinating to be with such a handsome powerhouse.

Vanessa Chamber narrates the true feelings of a woman very beautifully here; Zandy just does not care about what is happening around her after seeing the man of her dreams in her grasp. As the mission gets serious the relation between the two also shifts to the second phase and they think that there are other things of more importance than a deadly fight around them. The ending of this novel cannot be termed as tragic but it has some sad pangs in it.



In Times Like These


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