Golden Buddha


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    Clive Cussler and Craig Dirgo come up with the first part of “The Oregon Files” in which Juan Cabrillo is handed over the ship known as Oregon. Oregon is not an ordinary ship rather it is the best created for spying purposes. Juan and his crew after getting the command of the ship receive their first mission which is to give Tibet back to the Dalai Lama. It is easy but from the inside, it is tough because you got to talk to the Russians and Chinese for this purpose and they are not that easy to deal with.

    The thing can become easy if the team can allure any one of these countries by providing them something they need to acquire very anxiously. No doubt most of the countries in the world of today are always hungry for oil reserves because this can make them fight independent battles. And also industrialization grooms when you have ample fuel to run them full time.

    Golden Buddha

    Juan and his men have such kind of thing in mind as they talk about sealing the deal with a Buddha. It is said that the artifact possesses details about oil reserves present in this piece of land. Now the only problem which is standing as an obstacle in their way is that they have not yet located the Buddha themselves which means that their chances to succeed are equal to big zero. J. Charles opens this first part with a sparkling voice in narration and doesn’t forget to listen to Sacred Stone and Dark Watch if you like this first part. In this part, a lot of introductory stuff was present which would not be there in other parts so it is advised that you listen to those chapters in detail.

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