Stars Above


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    Marissa Meyer adds short stories in the Lunar Chronicles now with some new and old characters featuring in totally different stories. Interesting as always the series is bound to grip anyone who has a special taste for fantasies. Scarlet introduced the character of Wolf who likes his name happens to be an aggressive killer. He is among those characters in the series that never show remorse after committing a crime. Loving Scarlet made him change his side on the battlefield but his personality remained unaltered.

    Stars Above

    No matter on which side the man is on, he kills without mercy. Little and to the point story in this book shows the audience the truth hidden behind the turning of a simple man into a devastating beast. Another story is about the love story of Princess Winters and Jacin. The moment that made them come together for a single purpose was fascinating to hear in the voice of Rebecca Soler. The author along with the other characters that have been discussed previously in books like Winter borrows a character from another fictional tale.

    It’s Queen of Hearts that first appeared in Alice in Wonderland and now Marissa uses that character in one of the short stories here. One thing is obvious that the author is going to use this character in further parts soon thus it is introduced here with a special purpose.  No sequence is present between the stories and each opens a different gateway towards the fictional world. Six stories are like six different worlds to us that make us delve even deeper into the legends of the Lunar Chronicles.

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