The Shield of Weeping Ghosts


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The unique thing about the series by James P. Davis is that you don’t have to read the whole series in continuation to understand what is going on in the story the same way you can enjoy the (forgotten realms)The Wizards – Steven E. Schend, James P. Davis, Bruce R. Cordell, Mark Sehestedt.

Each book of the series contains a separate fantasy that is different from the rest though the scene and the use of the Citadels is the same or common throughout and all the stories are fantasies, still one is quite different than the other.

The Shield of Weeping Ghosts

The current story takes us back and forth in time as we are connected with the haunting past all the time that arouses mystery in the tale, there is also a promise of action right from the start though it comes at a later stage but is still there and is in plenty.

The story starts from the description of a group of warriors that reach a stranded Citadel with a wizard whom they are helping as he is exiled from his native land. The citadel is with a secret that can unleash the hidden powers of magic that was buried about two thousand years ago in this destroyed citadel. This secret possesses the power to effect the whole world if is left in the wrong hands.

Each part of the series like this one has a strong plot and a strong group of characters upon which the story depends. The progress of the story is not slow thus you never tend to get bored from it. The narration is done by Nicole Greevy who has played the role of a narrator quite well and has provided the story with the enthusiasm that was needed for the story with magic and fortresses in it.   

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