Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line


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    Veronica Mars’s series starts here with very little detail about Veronica at the start of the book, the audience is just told about her graduation from high school. Later Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham take us ten years in the future where Veronica has transformed into a private detective.

    She has her investigating agency that is running fine but not excellent, in the town full corruption the company has not yet got its first big case. A few cheating and fraud cases now and then are dealt with perfection but Veronica is in hunt of something really big.

    With the arrival of spring, Neptune i.e the place from where Veronica completed her graduation gets filled with people. Because of the beaches, the place is an excellent to spend the holiday time, the cool breeze can make anyone go mad with its aroma. Then the crime happened that brought Veronica back to where she first started ten years ago.

    Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line

    A girl all of a sudden disappeared and as Veronica started the investigation she is dragged to a dark pit of crimes in the underworld.  One evidence and then another made Veronica horrified and here the two authors add some background to the story.

    Veronica’s past comes to the discussion and it appears that she is also strangely linked to the whole crime. Veronica Mars and Rats Saw God have chilling scenes in them but here they appear unexpectedly which makes the head go round. No listener can ever guess how the story would end finally until he listens to it in the voice of Kristen Bell.

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    1. Both Veronica Mars audiobooks is the first novel, “the thousand dollar tan line”. Please fix “mr kiss and tell”. I check regularly, I can’t wait to listen to it.


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