Time of Contempt


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    The Witcher Saga, Book 2

    The novel series is fabulously written by the author Andrzej Sapkowski who has written a masterpiece in every book of the famous novel series named as The Witcher Saga. The series contains the thrill, the fantasy, the mystery and all the tremendous feelings incorporated in the form of the inspiring characters and the life events of these characters that are unforgettable and mind-blowing.

    The Narrator Peter Kenny has actually induced a touch of personal feel through the compelling voice that has given the best effects according to the personality and the storyline for each of the characters.

    Time of Contempt

    You can turn your time into an adventurous, thrilling journey while enjoying listening to this novel which is actually the book 2 of this series of novels to capture your imagination while you are feeling the trill alongside the characters.

    In this book, the characters named Geralt the Witcher will be seen fighting against the horrible monsters and the demons which are truly breathtaking as you listen to the story till the end.

    Time of Contempt

    The armies will prepare them for the attacks that will come from all sides and positioning the attack and combating them at the same time is the main drill for most of the fighters.

    The fight of Elves, the magicians and the allies of the kings, all are fighting in a way or another to get to their victory so that they could get a hold on what they always wanted.

    Just like the other books written by Andrzej, The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, you can find a lot of colors, mystery and fiction included in all happenings and events in the story.

    Geralt alongside his lover named Yennefer will keep protecting CIRI and the same time the prophecy is yet to be enchanted as it all depends on the powers and destiny of Yennefer who will either end it all or will save everything from getting into destruction.

    List book in the series

    The Witcher Saga:


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