Life Reset: EvP



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    The second part brings new troubles for the Oren. He thought that his life would become easy after defeating the Hobgoblin but everything proved to be the exact opposite. Our hero in distress faces the players this time as the writers give a new turn to the series. Shemer Kuznits has intentionally made the game tough for the Oren this time. In the first part, he was deprived of his powers and in this part, his powers once again fell short.

    The Oren has to face each player and not one by one but all at the same time. His village does not remain a secret anymore. The location of his village becomes clear to everyone. The more he wants to hide or remain away from the war the more he finds himself surrounded by it.

    Life Reset: EvP

    This time the war comes to him and the Oren is left with no other way except to fight back. It’s a battle for survival as our hero starts forming a clan once again. This time the clan is not of his ordinary friends, it has monsters in it. Recruiting the monsters of the game proves to be the only hope of survival for him.

    Simple men cannot stop an assault that contains all the players of the game at the same time because of which he hires monsters. A real fighting spirit is a scene in the novel throughout. The writer has surely put an extra effort this time in the war scenes.

    As the intensity was lacking in Life Reset: A LitRPG Novel, this time, however, the description is picture-perfect. The narrators Jeff Hays, Laurie Catherine Winkel, and Annie Ellicott have narrated quite well. The voices of the narrators never looked shattered as they were blended in one single whole.


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