Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff!


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Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! is the 2nd installment in the Where the Hell is Tesla? novel series. It is a science fiction with an element of romance. Rob Dircks is the author of this novel who has done some amazing work in the science fiction genre. You’re Going to Mars! and Gigi Make Paradox are two of his most celebrated novels arguably.

Rob Dircks himself has done the narration and after listening to it, you will agree that no one could have done this better than him.

Something knows as the “Blue Juice” is coming there for all of us. Luckily, Chip Collins (Me), Nikola Tesla, Bob, Pete and Gina Philips, the FBI agent are all together and here for kicking his ass. This was send back to the last Tuesday. Maybe, we all will fail in this and everyone there in the multiverse are doomed. Seriously, you just want to have that much needed underground bunker in ready state. In any way, I need to get back home to meet Julie and also to find out the information required. I am not going to tell you this here in the description of the book.

Don't Touch the Blue Stuff!

Fans are advised to first go through the Where the Hell is Tesla? before they go on to read or listen to this amazing novel.

It is another great home run for the author. This novel provides a great rollercoster ride through the amazing multiverse that Rob Dircks has created. The relationships in this fictional novel looked real and the whole book was quite funny. A must try novel for the fictional enthusiasts to experience cosmic scope of this novel.


Where the Hell Is Tesla?

Gigi Make Paradox


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