Where the Hell Is Tesla?


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Rob Dircks is the best-selling author at audible for this Where the Hell is Tesla? novel. You’re Going to Mars! Is also a top-selling novel of the author at audible and loved by the audience a lot. If one more book from the author is to be named then the unanimous choice of many book fanatics would be the Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! novel.

Rob Dircks is truly an all-rounder in the literary world and he proved this by giving the narration of this novel. His vice is quite strong and impressive which helped in making this novel sound s good on audio.

Where the Hell Is Tesla?

The novel is a science fiction one with a humorous love story as well. Chip is the main protagonist of this novel and let hear it from him a brief about the tale: I discovered a journal at work but couldn’t identify if it is what you call work. It is actually a journal of Nikola Tesla which they lost earlier.

Nikola Tesla had the reputation of the greatest ever inventors of the time. He died in 1943 and before his death, he maintained a notebook which was all filled with some amazing claims and it had some outrageous plans. One of the plans in it was about the “Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus”. The ne allowed someone to travel to the infinite possibilities all around us. It was absolutely crazy but this is the point where craziness starts.

Where the Hell is Tesla? is quite a funny story. Yu will love the humor and as well as the tale it has. Even all the characters in this novel are quite hilarious and as a whole, it is a great pack of entertainment.


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Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff!


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