The Age of Reason Begins



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Book will welcome you to the age of reason when nothing was accepted without a purpose. The old thoughts and notions were rejected completely and nothing useless was accepted anymore. Age in which the people like Galileo existed who did care about the old ideas about the earth and the solar system. Galileo came up with his own idea about the universe and he provided proof that was not acceptable to many at that time even. Not to forget Bacon who had his essays well written in the spirit of the era.

The essays show the utilitarian nature of man according to which we should think about progress all the time and one should never get caught while he is taking revenge. Bacon poured these things into the mind of the people of his era and they started living according to those new standards. Totally different in approach were the rulers of the time include Elizabeth, Henry IV, and Philip II. All these rulers allowed the changes to flourish and they brought some changes in the way of ruling too.

The Age of Reason Begins

Will Durant and Ariel Durant have given extra importance to Shakespeare who happens to be the real deal of the era? Listeners will enjoy it more if they had enjoyed The Renaissance and Caesar and Christ previously. Grover Gardner has narrated other parts of the series so the narrator has kept the pitch which is previously liked by most of the listeners. The history does not end here, there are other parts of the series waiting for the fans. The development of civilization is in the second gear now and abrupt changes will be seen in the next parts.


The Reformation

The Age of Louis XIV


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