James and the Giant Peach


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Fun and fiction go big as the peach of James Henry Trotter’s garden starts to grow big all of a sudden. Roald Dahl talks about strange magic in this novel which is not funny but we cannot term it as serious either.

A good book for the kids because it makes the dreams come true and then gives a good ending to it. James the little boy was living with his parents in an ideal way then an accident took away the only two members of his family. His parents got eaten by a monstrous rhinoceros in a wild forest and the boy was left all alone in the world. With nowhere to go, he is left with only one choice i.e go to the house of his aunts whom he doesn’t like.

James and the Giant Peach

Spiker and Sponge the two aunts which James just hates. The two ladies are constantly involved in magical tricks which results in a horrible way all the time. Somehow the boy with nothing in life tries to adjust with these two witches type aunt but things just kept on becoming worse for him. One day he was taking some magical crystals to a certain place when he accidentally dropped them near the peach tree in the house.

At first, nothing happened and James thought he has gotten away with it and later the peaches on the tree started growing bigger than the average size. Here Julian Rhind-Tutt narrates the fantasy superbly in which the peaches of the tree grow equal to the size of the house.

Fantasy moves on like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Witches when we find out that not only the peaches but the bugs and grasshoppers on the tree have also grown. The enormous size of the bugs makes James awed in the beginning and after some time he starts finding them useful.


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