(Forgotten Realms) Obsidian Ridge

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The feeling of possession in love is the most threatening thing as it arouses lust and ignites the feeling of anger as well against others and your beloved as well if he or she is not willing to be your subject. The kingdom of Erlkazar faces such an assault when its princess rejects the proposal of a master wizard who can do anything once he starts his magic for evil purposes.

The wizard wants the princess for himself after whom he would spare the rest of the land that he has covered with a shadow of evil powers and dark monsters. The darkness becomes so intense that the sun fails to appear on the land even though it was throwing its light on the kingdom but the light fails to pass through the evil shadows. The Obsidian Ridge has no cure as it was assumed to be a legend in the past and no one had ever thought that they would face it in real life that’s why they had not thought of a way to deal with it.

Still, the kingdom along with her princess shows resistance against the invasion and thus does not show its readiness to agree with the terms of the wizard. The characters are all described in detail and each character has its own identity and importance in the novel, this variety in the characters make the novel more interesting we observe people like assassins, complicated killers and also a princess who is brave and beautiful.

Jess Lebow has successfully created a world that appeals us right in the first glance and no doubt the narration by Nicole Greevy is a delight when combined with the tale. For those who like this story may also listen to the (Forgotten Realms) Neversfall – Ed Gentry and  Forgotten Realms – The Harpers – various authors for more interesting and mind blowing stories.


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