Water Keep


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    Water Keep is the beginning of an exciting new series for teens and preteens. The author of this fictional fantasy is J. Scott Savage, who is outstanding for his imagination and creativity. A few other notable novels from the author are Embers of Destruction and Fires of Invention.

    Water Keep is first chapter of Farworld novel series. The narration of Water Keep novel is done by Mark Wright. It was a good satisfactory performance by the narrator, who made it sound really good.

    Even though Marcus Kanenas, a 13 years old guy is wheelchair bound, he always use to see himself as a dreamer and a survivor. His favorite dream is to have a faraway world, where magic is something as common as air and where animals could tell jokes as well. He also wanted to know the secret that could change the fat of both the real and his dream world. But, then there is the Dark Circle who has learned the secret of the Master Therapass. Now, their power and evil influence is growing rapidly.

    Water Keep

    The only hope here for Farworld is for Kyja and Marcus to find their all mythical Elementals including water, air, wand and fire. This also includes convincing them both for opening a drift between the two different worlds. Just as Marcus and Kyja travel to the Water Keep, they should come across the worst ever challeneges that the evil Dark Circle could ever throw at them. There are Summoners who could go on to command both the dead and those living. Then there are Unmakers who are actually invisible creatures and could destroy both the soul and body.

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