(Forgotten Realms) Neversfall

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Ed Gentry takes us into a world of mysteries where strange things happen and that to unexpectedly. Evil forces attack you out of nowhere with only one result that is a catastrophe and nothing else. The interesting thing about the whole creation is that the writer has joined the monster and mystery stories together and has created a new thing that has the spice of both.

The citadel of the forgotten realm was created in order to protect the southern lands from the attacks of the monsters and other such creatures and it played its role well until a whole regiment disappeared leaving no trace whether they were killed or eaten up by the beasts or they got lost in the realms. The important thing about the mystery is that things do not open up at once in front of us; it is multilayered kind of a story where on clue leads us to another and also the characters try to solve the mystery through assumptions as well.

The captain and the elite warrior finally join forces to solve the cause of the trouble and to know the truth behind the attacks on them by both men and the monsters that attack from the outside as well as from the inside. The presentation of the situation is out of this world as the writer presents two of the most inspiring characters who are ready to fight their way out of this problem instead of running back for more help. The narration by Nicole Greeley also keeps a good pace with the development of the events and keeps us excited and thrilled all the time.   

People also recommend Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) – Leigh Bardugo and Once a Pilgrim – James Deegan as they are good enough to offer stories you may like to listen to till the end.


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