Robert B. Parker’s Ironhorse


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    Defenders of the west come with another bang in the fifth part, the two really faced trouble in the form of their new chief in the previous part. The man was a sheer cause of trouble for them in Blue-Eyed Devil he was the kind of enemy they couldn’t even shoot bullets at.

    Now they are on to the Indian areas which they thought would not be like Appaloosa or anything that they have previously faced. One thing is a big change Cole and Hitch from the last part have been working for the government now and their missions are official things now. The two marshalls are taking a prisoner to the borders and that was the simplest and easiest job they got since they joined the ranks.

    Robert B. Parker's Ironhorse

    Sadly the feeling does not last long because the governor if Texas is on the train now with his whole family. Not only this, the man has 500,000 dollars in his luggage and Brandice on his tale. The two marshalls have faced the man before and was a long time ago; this is not the situation they want to see his face the next time. The train ascends slowly on the mountain and the storm is also one of the causes of the steady climb. One thing is for sure i.e Brandice is coming for the money and he will not be alone this time.

    He has established a gang of his own since their last meeting. A real thriller by all means written Robert Knott now, Titus Welliver still harps on with the series which makes narration unobjectionable now for all.

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