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    Titanborn: Children of Titan, Book 1

    Get yourself loaded with the first part of the series; Rhett C. Bruno introduces Malcolm Graves in a big way here. Malcolm considered as a man of action always believes on his instincts more than anything else. He has been the right guy for the people of the earth for a longtime and now a serious mission awaits him. The earth gets heavy blows from the enemy but no clear signs are there that who was behind it.

    However there still exists a trace that the Titans are coming to get hold of their moon once again.

    If they succeed there would be catastrophe on the earth and the corporation would probably lose its existence. Malcolm wanted to work alone on this mission as he usually does in the jobs assigned but he gets forced to take a partner with him. Partner was the one thing Malcolm never wanted and that partner proves to be the exact opposite of him. When the two come to the scene and start to investigate the matter they get horrified because they were not expecting such a situation.


    It proved to be more deadly than they thought and before trying to save the earth they first plan to save their own skin so that they might not get squeezed in the process. Start is good and this book will surely take you toward others such as Titan’s Legacy and Titan’s Son.

    The fun and action just never ends in this series throughout narrated by R.C. Bray. The more a listener delves into the story the more he enjoys the scenes of an extraordinary landscape.

    Titanborn Titanborn

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