Wandering Star


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    Wandering Star is a science fiction novel with a good part of romance as well. It is exceptionally well written by Steven Anderson, who probably didn’t get his due so far from the critics and probably from the general audience as well. The novel is the 1st chapter of the Reunification Novel series. TJ Clark has given his voice to the characters of this novel and that was definitely a job well done by him with his magnificently powerful and expressive voice.

    The story in this novel is about a man, who is on a long journey and struggling a lot to do the right things and make the right decisions as well. One woman, who was desperately looking for some novice worlds to conquer is there as well along with another woman, who is trying to find her way in order to reach back home. They were all tossed together by fate and they should all learn to trust each other, or otherwise get ready to die.

    Wandering Star

    The universe is absolutely not that much peaceful as what the Reunification Commission thinks. With all the many rumors of revolution and war, RuComm is deploying out the diplomats and some scientists as well. They all say that it is the right time for peace to prevail. For Ted Holloman, who is a fresh pass-out from the RuComm Academy, it is high time for him to pursue both the service and the duty.

    Ted at the other end has his own share of problems. His dear friend in in a romantic relationship with linguist of the Wandering Star, who is actually a woman having the golden spots in her brown eyes.

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