Sin & Magic


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    Finding peace with a demigod is tough thing because he is always chased with deadly enemies; moreover the lover might not be able to bear the intensity. The main character agreed to help Kieran in a deadly mission because she just cannot say no to a being who appeals her heart more than anyone.

    Task does not look simple at all; she has to free the spirit of Kieran’s mother which would be a whole lot easier if his father would have allowed it. If Kieran’s father comes to know about the conspiracy than with just a single glance he can erase all of them from the face of the universe. Story also has a very important third character named Bria Stevens who too has the gift of magical powers like Kieran.

    Sin & Magic

    Bria happens to be a Necromancer and playing with fire is her every day job, she knows that this time the job that she has accepted is tough but still she likes dangerous business. K.F. Breene really brings an awesome climax in this part of the series and it is ten times better than  Sin & Surrender and Born in Fire .

    The minefield that the three characters find makes it a race against time mission; they have to save their lives and the life of millions who could be wiped out without being aware of the danger. Khristine Hvam utters quick words when the climax approaches and we know that the roller coaster is about to roll downwards. Not much romance if we compare this with the first part but still enough to touch the hearts of the lovers.

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