The Greatest



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    There are characters in history that really fascinate the young minds even now when the legends have grown old or they are not present before us in flesh and blood. Muhammad Ali the great performer is no doubt among one of those legends and the book is significant because he himself tells about his past life along with a little help from Richard Durham. The Muhammad Ali that the audience had witnessed was always the one who was performing in the ring in the best possible way.

    He loses some and he wins some and the battle goes on. But one battle that we missed was the battle that he was a part of outside the ring, the situations he faced and the issues that kept his personal life disturbed.

    During his early life and his career he has been struck by several racial issues, people were never talking about his performance but rather they were always talking about his color. After he was named the sportsman of the current century he finally feels satisfied that he has paved the way for millions of other black people who can do well if they just get the issue of color out of their mind.

    The Greatest

    The book tells in detail about the social personal and professional life of a legend who serves as a bridge between the two races as well. Wonderfully written in an emotional way and equally well narrated by Dion Graham the king of fiction who narrates this autobiography to perfection. There are many places where you find raw sentiments and emotions that can make you cry as well.

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