Evil Eye


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    Madhuri Shekar has loaded her book with almost everything one can expect these days. The author has tried to make her book appealing for everyone and has succeeded too because the thrill, the tragedy and even the comedy is outclass.

    The opening of the book is low and slow when we hear about different phone calls and the talk of a mother and daughter. The wedding issues so take us to the days when such things really troubled the young minds because they used to be under the radars of the parents all the time. The sudden twist however really steals the show because no one listening to the book from the start could expect such a turning point.

    Evil Eye

    Situations are hilarious on most occasions but it does not mean that the writer failed to form an excellent tragedy in the end. Family bonds broke and new relations are formed while everything around us appear so real that we tend to think that the author is telling a true story from the past. Even the telephone calls appear so lively that we are attracted toward them whenever we listen to the ring.

    The readers become interested in the phone calls and their intermixing as well, but still none can expect such horrifying tragedies that occur because of all this fuss. More than one narrator is used and it was duly needed because the same voice cannot make us feel the difference during conversation.

    Nick Choksi, Bernard White, Rita Wolf and Harsh Nayyar are in nice coordination with one another, their voices don’t have any impact on the fellow narrator and it is a job well done.

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