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Dakota Krout the master of writing fantasies and science fictions of epic proportion comes with another master blaster in the form of “The Completionist Chronicles”. The first book has enough to make us go for the second part at once. Dakota’s writing style has always been appealing for the fantasy lovers as the writer not just tells you about a world he knits a world around you and makes you feel the happenings.

Vikas Adam’s voice is another spice that your ears taste when you start listening to the first volume. The writer shifts his main character Joe to the game world at the start of the series and instead of trying to get out of this world he tries to adjust himself in the new surroundings. Though there are not many difficulties for him even in this game world but there is one little issue people like him often get hunted in this world.


So all of a sudden the poor guy becomes a prey without any reason. Thus he should keep a low profile so that no one could know about his abilities and only then he can live freely without the scare of the assassins. But as he moves along with the group of friends who invite him on different quests he soon learns that his powers and skills could only be practices in the streets.

Thus there are only two ways for Joe either keep low or stand and fight with full might. The novel has more energy as compared to Dungeon Eternium and Raze the main character also possess more vigor and is appealing in certain aspects.

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    1. it would be great if you can make log in’s so that we can be able to just pick up where we left off. this book won’t allow me to skip to where i left off at.

        • I don’t want to rewind it; i want to skip! you also can’t start at the end of the book; you have to start at the beginning 🙁 I was really enjoying this book too – but i’m not going to listen to 5 hours of this book again just to get to the spot i want. not sure if its just this book or all of the books that you got from mix cloud that has this problem – i’m thinking all of the books you got from mixcloud b/c its asking me if i want to sign up for premium. I appriciate all of the time you have put into this, but it would be great to be able to listen to the books like the uploads you got from soundcloud.


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