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All the previous fourteen episodes before this never discussed anything about Juan’s family because he is with his family i.e his team. His team is everything for him and he cares for his team just like his family. He laughs and even cries in their company so and thinks of them ample for him in life. Juan has never allowed the members of his crew to suffer anything not even a financial issue. Shadow Tyrants and Final Option tested their limits but no harm was done to the crew.

A visit to Kuwait becomes a nightmare for the crew of Oregon when one of their members gets hit by a dangerous chemical. Cabrillo went to that part of the world to save an oil tanker that was facing a sudden attack from an unknown source and there one of his teammates was hit with this strange thing. That paralyzing chemical was being prepared on a massive scale there by a terrorist group.


And the first attack of the chemical on Oregon was just a test after that the whole world was on the target list. Juan wants to stop it but first, he is worried about his team member who is hit by this chemical.

The enemies also have the antidote which can save the life of a friend and also that antidote can help in saving the world as well. Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison have written this story in such a way that the clock keeps on ticking all the time. The novel is one emotional drama narrated by Scott Brick because Juan is really worried about the precious life of his friend.


Final Option

Dark Psychology


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