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    Dakota Krout and Vikas Adams have been pairing for many years now in different fictional stories but both have invested everything that they learned over the years in this particular series. Their creativity and innovative styles in both departments really makes the story a tempting one. Joe entered in the game world in the first part Ritualist and we saw that he was not worried of the fact that he was stuck in a game rather he tries to adjust in it.

    He goes on quests during which he makes friends as well. Both of the stories are connected well with one another and the follow up is no doubt garnished more by the narrator’s accurate voice.


    The puns and the cunning dialogues are something that was not in so much a quantity in the first part and the writer has enhanced it because these things were really liked by the audience. The foes are more than ever and after each step life becomes tougher for the one with special qualities and he perhaps is the only one that has not gotten into the hands of the assassins. Though this is just the second part of the series but another note worthy thing is that the writer is getting pace at every step and the writer appears to be loaded with thoughts that he wants to put on the pages.

    There are also not so much subplots and the writer makes everything clear and keeps everything straight. Though there are several motives and quests but there is no hint of the final battle that we might see in the upcoming trilogy.

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