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    Nightblade embodies a year-long adventure in venturing into uncharted literary realms, taking risks on unfamiliar authors and unexplored treasures. While some journeys may have fallen short, the majority proved to be remarkable and delightful discoveries. Nightblade stands as a genuine gem among them.

    Instead of the customary European-centric fantasy, we are transported to a world brimming with Japanese and Chinese influences, steeped in a tapestry of profound history. This realm is divided into three principal Kingdoms, interlaced with neighboring nations, each precariously balanced on a fragile peace. Yet, our tale unfolds on a smaller, intimate scale. Ryuu’s purpose transcends grand ambitions of reshaping the world or forging peace across kingdoms; his aspiration lies in simply living a life where he can employ his strength to safeguard those bereft of choice or means to defend themselves.

    It is a refreshing departure from the countless narratives where the protagonist endeavors to dismantle the very fabric of the status quo. This distinction effectively highlights the raw emotions that permeate his journey. Despite its imperfections, the kingdom itself possesses a peculiar beauty, and the author’s prowess in world-building is abundantly evident. The bustling streets of the city, the shadowed pathways of the crimson-lit road where camaraderie is sought, the ancient forests, and the cobblestone courtyards of monasteries—I could vividly envision them all. It is a rare gift to encounter world-building of such magnitude, where every detail becomes an indelible sensory memory rather than a mere plot thread. I didn’t realize how starved I was for such an experience until I found it within these pages.


    Ryuu proves to be an enthralling protagonist to accompany on this journey, alongside the captivating characters of Moriko and Takako, each intertwined in unique ways. They all bear the burden of lost families and the absence of a conventional existence, yet their individual perspectives shape their perception of the world. Ryuu, with his unwavering determination and inquisitive nature, yearns to aid others regardless of the cost, and much of the story revolves around the consequences of his actions and the weight they impose upon a solitary soul. While he possesses skill and resilience in many respects, he retains an endearing naivety, harmonizing beautifully with Takako’s nurturing disposition and her intimate understanding of the world’s harsh realities.

    Nightblade undeniably shines as a pinnacle among this year’s literary conquests, and I am grateful for taking a leap of faith when I did.

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