Defiance of the Fall 2



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Similar to He Who Fights with Monsters and Dungeon Crawler Carl, this LitRPG series has become one that I eagerly anticipate purchasing and listening to immediately upon its release. The author demonstrates excellent skills in plotting, narrative, and progression, much like those aforementioned books.

However, unlike those works, I find JF Brink’s characterization to be somewhat lacking, particularly with the protagonist Zach. It’s challenging to truly connect with him or develop a strong liking for his character. On the other hand, the conniving demon friend and advisor adds an intriguing dynamic, but even that relationship fails to make Zach more likable.

He seems distant and judgmental, even with characters he should be able to trust and befriend. It would be great if Zach could respond to Ogras’s jokes with some of his own and show more personality in his interactions. Even if he were socially inept, it would add depth to his character, but currently, he comes across as a cold and overly secretive individual.

Defiance of the Fall 2

Perhaps this is the intended character, but it doesn’t make him very endearing. The lack of negative reactions from other characters to his behavior is somewhat confusing, and while I don’t want them to constantly reject him, a more relaxed and mature approach to his interactions would be appreciated. Given J.F. Brink’s talent in writing likable and wise characters, it’s surprising that Zach appears to be a lonely island in this regard.

Nevertheless, despite these criticisms, I’m still awarding the book 5 stars. As a reviewer, I acknowledge that these issues could prevent a perfect score, but I genuinely enjoyed the story and look forward not only to the next book but also to re-listening to the series in the week leading up to the next release. That level of excitement earns a solid 5-star rating from me.

Regarding the narration, I give it 4 stars. The narrator’s performance is perfectly adequate, but I often find myself listening at 30% speed, even during a fresh listen. It feels as if the narrator is being paid by the recorded minute, which slightly detracts from the overall experience.



Defiance of the Fall 3


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    2 thoughts on “Defiance of the Fall 2”

    1. This is a great series & a wonderful escape from the utter clown world of a simulation we slog through every day. I can actually let my guard down & enjoy the story with out being constantly alert for mind washing propaganda. There are so few little corners left where you can enjoy a good story with out “The message” so when you find one like this it’s a true pleasure. Thank you so much for uploading.


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