The Devil Will Come


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Glenn cooper has written novels and books that have given a thrilling experiences for those who need to have a mixture of suspense, thrills and fiction his stories and novels including The Tenth Chamber – Glenn Cooper, The Resurrection Maker – Glenn Cooper and Near Death – Glenn Cooper the writer has given numerous ways and angles to see the things that are out of this world. You can expect unusual characters and events that are unforgettable and have lasting effects on the imagination of the reader.

The narrator Maria Elena Infantino has provided the story with the expression-filled voice that adds to the thrilling horror and suspense so that that you can feel like be part of the story as it continues.

The Devil Will Come

The character Elisabetta Celestino who has been portrayed as a brilliant archeologist in Rome finds the mysterious symbols forming something special about the history and the various signs about the things that are there.

In the process of finding more about the found skeleton, Elisabetta wants to find about the hidden facts but never allowed to get into the depths of the secrets and the story behind what happened which hinders her way to find the upcoming disturbances that might affect humans in future as well.

Though she knows that something wrong is going on and some bad forces will come forth to destroy the humans in near future. Now she wants to reveal and handle the tragedy before it destroys the mankind.

The history and the future gets connected with an apocalyptic event that the archeologists may need to find about to save the next drastic event that threatens humankind. The battle between the good and the bad and the devil that threatens the world will surely be an immense experience for the readers and the listeners of the story.


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