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    John Katenbach has always come up with some unusual characters and stories that always have been given the best experience whoever listen to or read the stories. This book is also written for those who are looking for thrilling characters and stories which capture the mind in a way that they will be a part of the story till its need and will be like going along the characters in the new world created by the author.

    In the other books by the author including What Comes Next – John Katzenbach you can also find such thrilling story plots which can keep you preoccupied with the story so that you will stay connected to it and enjoy listening to the other books which are alike in the way they are written.

    Red 1-2-3

    This book has been perfectly written by the author John Katzenbach and beautifully narrated by Donna Postel. The way it has been written and narrated makes it even better for the listeners who love enjoying stories in their spare time.

    The story is about the trio of women who have nothing similar not in the case of their age group, their background is different and also they have totally different lives leading to the same common problem which is not as easy to understand as it some may think.

    They are red haired and they are targeted for murder for an unknown reason. The fear, the unknown reason of getting trolled by and followed by the unfamiliar forces that want to kill them is thrilling and they will be subjected to numerous conditions where they are not going to find anything to rely on to save their lives.

    Now after discovering them as the main target by the wolf, the three women will be protecting each other which turns the story in a unique way which the Wolf may have both planned while he was going to kill the trio.


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