The Gifted School


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    Light humor has become rare in the age of fiction because we usually assume that fiction should always be dished up with action, suspense and things like thrill. This book possesses humor in a great detail and because of this light fun one can go through the book again and again on the weekends.

    A new school for gifted children opens in the town which becomes a source of life and energy for a group of friends who were living a happy life a few years back. There is also a message for the parents as well that usually possess high aims for their kids. When the high aims are not fulfilled the parents adopt the ways of lying and they start keeping secrets from their children.  Bruce Holsinger goes deep into the psyche of the children and the rest of the family members to tell us the original situations of families.

    The Gifted School

    The four families who are kept under the radar in the novel are common families with no superior intellect, they have been in close relation with one another and then they became parents. Since the year they became parents about a decade ago it’s all about careers, marriages and the advancement of their children.

    They start keeping secrets from one another and seem to take each other as competitors. January LaVoy‘s narration suits such stories with light humor, there is an element of fun in the voice which is noteworthy. The book also makes us inclined to read more of writer’s work like The Invention of Fire  because the writer’s style is so refreshing and pure that it seems that we are moving through the scenes of the real world around us.


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