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Needful Things By Stephen King

This fabulous fantasy, suspense and a tint of horror story mixture written and narrated by Stephen King, has been considered as one of his best works put on the market so far. The title actually says it giving an idea what could be the story and what should be in there. But due to the fact Stephen is expert in creating a unique feel of fantasy and suspense, the reader may not know what would be the next thing and that is why the story engages the reader continuously and keep the reader or the listeners to stay with it and keep on digging in as the story develop gradually.

It starts with a blissful place where Leland Gaunt opens a shop of Needful things he offers to those who come to him. Anyone can get anything that they need in their life whether it’s a big thing or a small thing, a lottery ticket or a big dream come true wish, all is offered for just a little prank they would play others in an innocent manner.

Needful Things By Stephen King

The whole scenario comes out to be too innocent until and unless all of the town members start struggling to take advantage of the pranks on others to get their needful things. Only one person stays unaffected and understands if the Gaunt is behind all the mess that has turned the whole town crazy and unacceptably irritating to each other.

The story is written and narrated by the master of storytelling hence you would never lose interest and will let yourself indulge into it to get to its end. The story is a bit similar to Stephen’s other work including It and The Stand.



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