No Country for Old Men


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    There has been an issue with Cormac McCarthy books, his novels are incidents that are told by the author and there is no hero or villain emerging. Whoever listens to the novel thinks that he has witnessed a scene that is of course loaded with a lot of crime.

    In The Road and Blood Meridian the story was more about the society rather than an individual. There were crimes and killings but not a single individual with hero like character was present. Here Llewelyn Moss a hunter by profession gets lucky and unlucky at the same time. He finds two million dollars cash that he takes in his possession at once but that cash is found near the dead bodies and a bag of heroine.

    No Country for Old Men

    One thing is sure that the cash is not legal and taking it would start a hunt for the one who has taken it. Still the old hunter was unable to resist the temptation and finds the entire drug cartel on his back. Not only this, the police also starts an investigation and looks like the whole of Texas is after Moss. Texas goes wild and every character has a motive of his own, nobody is innocent in this case and all want to get to the target before the other.

    Author’s description is natural like always and he has the skill to give each of his characters equal time in the novel. Tom Stechschulte narrates in pure Texas style because without it there would have been no fun in listening to the story associated to West. No mystery is found anywhere in the story but the listener can feel the thrill of chase and run.

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