Princeps’ Fury


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    The commoner continue to rise in the ranks and in power, it has been ironic ride but none can change the fate. Tavi was considered useless and less than ordinary once and now he is the newly nominated king and no one doubts his qualities of a ruler.

    Old rivals and foes are now ready to collaborate with him because he governs all the matters with wisdom and courage. His clever planning helped the tribes to win the battle that was never in their grip.

    Jim Butcher now takes his hero to the enemy land; Canim has been the enemy’s den but now after fighting against a common enemy the difference have been resolved a little. As a further gesture of peace between the two nations Tavi takes the people of Canim to their country himself because he feared that they might face certain enemies one the way. What is found at the end of the journey is much worse, something they have been fearing in Academ’s Fury and Cursor’s Fury.

    Princeps' Fury

    The dreaded Vord were waiting for them all the time and since Tavi and his fellows too have no way to return to their land they decide to stay and fight. It’s a battle for survival that Kate Reading narrates this time and there is something more to it than just winning. After the battle is over Canim and Alera will have nothing to doubt on between themselves.

    Canim’s leaders are present in the war zone but they two readily agree on the fact that all of them should move forward under the leadership of Tavi. It is more of a unification of kingdoms that once hated one another are tried to get rid of each other’s presence.


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