The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows



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John Koenig happens to be a real genius in the description of emotions. Not many of us have been able to describe our emotions in the right way. Most of the time we want to say so many things but we don’t have proper words for the thing. Even when we give words to those emotions, they don’t appear to be that awesome when written down on the pages. John Koenig does not have these problems and not only he is able to describe his emotions, but he has also been able to describe the emotions of millions of other people walking on the road.

For him, every person or the common man has his own story which is interesting but it has not been heard because he has not been able to describe it properly. The great authors have the capability to describe their individuality which makes them appear as legends but actually, every one of us is a legend of his own story.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

All of us face happy moments and then we fall on certain occasions too but it is part of life we don’t have to stop at a certain place. Life moves on and we have to move on as well. The fans of this book will like The Science of Self-Confidence and No Excuses! because these books will also provide something important to them.

Such books give us something to think about and we can bring change in our life and personality at the same time. Don’t lose heart if you are thinking about yourself as a loser previously because all of that is going to change.


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